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We specialize in providing data-driven insights to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies. Whether you need website analytics, social media analytics, or e-commerce analytics, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


  • What types of data do you track in web analytics?

We track a variety of data, including website traffic, visitor behavior, conversions, and more. This information can be used to understand how visitors are engaging with your website, what pages are performing well, and what areas may need improvement.​

  • What are the most important metrics to track for small business?

It can vary depending on your industry and business goals, but some examples include website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and social media engagement.

  • How often should I check my analytics data?

It is recommended to check your analytics data at least once a month to stay on top of any trends or changes in your business. However, you can check your data as often as you like, depending on the rate of changes of your business.

  • How do I get started with analytics?

You can begin by setting up analytics tools like Google Analytics on your website, setting up tracking pixels on your social media platforms, and identifying key metrics that are important to your business. Of course, that's what we are for as well.

  • Why should I pay for analytics tools?

Time and visibility are things you pay for. The biggest problem with that list of free tools is that it’s a list. The number of places you need to explore for information can be decreased with the use of paid tools. That not only saves time, but it frequently makes it simpler to link actions and outcomes.

  • Is there one tool that does it all?

Sadly, no. For content marketing, email marketing, web analytics, monitoring, and campaign research, we've discovered that you need many technologies. We haven't discovered a single business tool that does everything, but some of the more expensive ones are better at integrating data. You must craft a tailored combination.

Unlock the power of your data!

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What We Do

Our team of experts utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to gather and analyze large sets of data, providing actionable insights to help you understand your audience, track your ROI, and improve your overall marketing performance. Optimize your marketing budget and focus on the strategies that are working best.

Web Analytics

Track metrics such as visitor traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, and more.

Sales Analytics

Track key metrics such as revenue, profit, conversion rates, and customer behaviour.

Marketing Analytics

Insights into the ROI of different campaigns, which channels are most effective, and which segments are most engaged.

Social Media Analytics

 Insights into follower growth, engagement rates, which posts are performing well, and how to optimize content for better engagement.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


more likely to acquire customers by making data driven decisions


higher revenge growth than those who don't use analytics


increase in ROI from using web analytics

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